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Students and Parents,             Welcome to a new school year! We are so glad to have you at North Gwinnett Middle. It is going to be a great year! I wanted to tell you about our Affective skills class we will be having during Bulldog Pride time and go over some expectations I have for you.             Affective skills may be a new term for you; it is a mix between social skills and study skills. During the 30 minutes we have together you will learn new social and study techniques to help you in being a successful student. Every Thursday will be set aside as an organization/goal day. We will clean out your book bags, organize your binders and help you to know what papers are really important and what papers you just need to keep for future reference. We will also be looking at your goals you are working on in your IEP, and you will have a chance to take your own data on your goals to use when we meet with your parents.             Our focus in Affective skills will be on self advocacy. It is my goal to have you involved in your IEP meeting and on your way to running your own IEP meeting. I would like for you to learn to stand up for yourselves and be able to voice your needs.            As part of the organization process we will be working on keeping track of your assignments by writing in your agenda. It is an expectation that you write your homework in your agenda for every class and have your parents sign it each night. Ms. Leanne, Mrs. K, or I will sign it each afternoon to make sure your homework is accurate. As an incentive for getting your agenda signed each night, you will earn a sticker the next day. Once you have 10 stickers you will get to choose an eraser from my collection. Once you have collected 10 erasers you will get a ticket to have popcorn or a snack social during Bulldog Pride time. As the year goes on so will the amount of stickers and erasers you have to collect to participate in the snack social.             Clubs will be meeting as well during Bulldog Pride time. If you are up to date on your work and homework and would like to participate in a club outside of affective skills you may go to your club during this time.             We have a website this year! I will post any announcements, homework assignments, and pictures of us having fun on it. The site address is: http://lpeek.educatorpages.com            I am getting married September 19th and will become Mrs. Peek; I went ahead and made my website with my new name so I could use it in the years to come as well.

            If you have any questions or concerns at any time please don’t hesitate to email me. If you would like to talk about something you can email and let me know, and I will call you back.

I look forward to a wonderful year!
Ms. Lindsay Garrett